Done Done

The lace hat is completed, washed, dye set, blocked and dry.

Now I've picked another hat above my current skill set. It is the Koolhaus hat that all of the cool bloggers are knitting. I want to make it for a friend that was recently diagnosed with cancer and will start chemo soon. I picked a pretty periwinkle heather for her. She wears bright funky jewelry to cheer herself up, so I think a springy hat might be good.

In other news, the kitty is not happy that the obsession with knitting has continued. She likes to sit on top of whatever I'm currently knitting, so she has been kicked over to Ben's lap every night for weeks now. Here is how she feels about it:

taken by Ben

Kiwi will also not like us leaving for Spring Break for 8 days. We are going to sunny California to visit my in-laws. I'm excited for sun and warmth, but I'm more excited to knit on the plane and to visit yarn shops. Is that strange?


Nicole said...

Poor Kiwi!

We are going to Portland to visit Rob's friend over Spring break, and I am mostly excited about yarn shops. So no, I don't think that's strange!

Nicole said...

P.S. Good job on the lace hat! And congratulations on trying Koolhas--it's a really good-looking hat.

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