Flooring Extravaganza

I've been very busy with home renovation projects. I think I've exited hibernation phase into cabin fever, but my version of cabin fever is to drastically change my surroundings until I feel better. Here was the carpet in the kitchen as of January 28th. The same nasty, stained blue-gray stuff was in the sunroom.

kitchen floor before

This is after the asbestos guys removed the toxic flooring.

After asbestos floor is removed

Then we had to remove the particle board layer--a messy job until late into the night.

Messy work

Clean subfloor

Then my brilliantly talented contractor neighbor helped me install the hardwood floor we picked out. The pneumatic nail gun was fun, but temperamental. We had to keep close watch on toes (all of the time) and eyes (when we had to turn it upside down to fix it).

Hardwood 1/2 installed

Hardwood intalled

Lastly, you see that Kiwi likes the new floor in the sunshine.

Happy kitty on new floor

P.S.: Happy Valentine's Day. I've been feeling the love for the new paint and flooring in the kitchen (I did say drastically change the surroundings). I'll post pictures of that soon.


Jason Grzanna said...

What is it with houses in Beloit and carpet in the kitchens? I had the same thing when I bought my house here in 2006. Then under the carpet various layers of other flooring.

quirkygranolagirl said...

Yep, under the kitchen carpet was 2 or 3 layers of asbestos tile. Blech.

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