Kitchen Renovation

I have hated the decor in the kitchen for over a year and a (Who puts carpet in a kitchen?!? Who puts navy blue wallpaper in the tiniest kitchen ever?!?), but I always found another house project to work on. I procrastinated because I knew it would be unpleasant having the kitchen torn up. I also knew I couldn't do it during the gardening season, the harvest season, the canning season or the baking/holiday season. So, that basically leaves January and February. Unfortunately in my household in Wisconsin, we get a nasty case of the Februaries that sometimes starts in January. Ben and I wander around the house in a grumpy or anxious mood for a few weeks until we can see the signs of spring. Housing your dining room furniture in the bedroom and your kitchen appliances in the living room, doesn't help at all.

This is the kitchen minus appliances as of January 28th. Nasty carpet and toxic asbestos tile underneath.  Later, we would find out that there were another 2 layers of tile under that!

Carpet still in place

(Funny sidenote: In September I had frozen some tomatoes. I then thawed them to can them with another batch from the garden. I had an off-brand Ziploc commercial moment when the bag busted open all over the floor. I knew we were replacing it, so I cleaned the mess, but didn't scrub it all out. Our kitchen looked for weeks like there had been a massacre.)

Here is the bottom layer of subfloor.

Carpet and asbestos removed

These are pictures after wallpaper removal,

Wallpaper removed

priming the rough walls


and then filling in the divots with plaster.


Lastly, here is the kitchen with new flooring and the trial of new paint on the walls. We liked the paint, but I'm still working on the second coat, trim, hardware and repainting the cupboards. I'll post another picture when it is done.

New flooring and trial of new paint

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Nicole said...

Congratulations! It looks great! I'm glad you had asbestos guys do the nasty part. The new floor is lovely!

Not only do I get the Februaries, but Rob reminded me last night that I start getting surly weeks before taxes are due. I never noticed, but tax time last year must have really scarred him... I hope this year's returns are easier.

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