Skiing, thinking

Ben and I went for a ski today at the Turtle Creek Floodplain today. It was cloudy, and we went 2 hours before dusk. We saw 3 does and a great horned owl. The owl flew right over my head, so I was able to point it out to Ben when he came up behind me. It was gorgeous and was new to his bird list.

The rhythmic motion of skiing and the pattern of your breath make it a perfect time to reflect. Life moves so fast in this time of gadgetry and complexity. Is blogging really a productive use of time? The object of simplifying your life is to slow down and notice more of what goes on around you. Today, I noticed and reflected a little more because I was thinking in terms of the blog. Moments of beauty and quiet are good to capture.

This picture is from skiing in the floodplain earlier this winter on a sunnier day.

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