California Knitting

Ben's Spring Break was this week and we traveled to Whittier, CA (outside of L.A.) to see his parents. While packing for the trip, I stayed up until 1:00am to knit swatches for several projects so I could decide what to take. I was afraid that the sheer number of needles in my carry-on would set off some alarms in security, but the lady behind me left a water bottle in her bag, and that was much more threatening.

I frogged the scarf that I made as my first knitting project.

I made this scarf 3 times, and it was still too wide, too short, too thick, etc. so I decided to make it into simple garter stich potholders. I started a baby hat out of Koigu on 3's and was surprised how much easier it knit up on the knitpicks needles. Did I mention how much I love them? I love them so much I may retire all of my others due to the hand cramps they give me. Anyway, the best part of knitting in L.A. requires a driver. You too can have plenty of commute time looking at this:

instead of this:

It seems to take an hour to an hour and a half to get anywhere, and that is NOT during rush hour. I am missing my boring little Beloit where you can get anywhere in 10 minutes. But, then again, Beloit doesn't have many destinations of choice, unlike L.A. For instance, the Knitter's Studio on West 3rd St. was fantastic. They have knitted lingerie and a knitted wedding dress (scroll down to see it) on display. Their yarn displays are organized by color, which is luscious and inspiring, but very difficult to organize a project around if you are me. But you are not, so you may like it better.

I bought some Jitterbug sock yarn while I was there.

I am so stuck on variegated yarns right now. I absolutely adore this yarn and am looking for a "worthy" sock pattern (on 2's). Feel free to leave suggestions.

In other news, we fly back tomorrow, and I get more time to knit on the plane. :) I'll post some vacation photos after we return.

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