Gardening for my sanity

After the last post, I thought that I'd better share some pretty flower pictures with you. Hooray for springtime bulbs!

All of the sunshine and 70 degree weather has cheered me up considerably. That and I took a week off of work, so I've been able to enjoy the weather and do some old-fashioned physical labor. Specifically, I decided to redo the garden path in the backyard. Here is what it looked like before. Note the bricks cracked by weeds, weather and overzealous hosta roots.

First I had to move the offending hostas to other parts of the yard. I changed the route of the path (the old one led to an old stump instead of the patio), removed the worst broken bricks, and turned the bricks with the holes on their sides. I had to dig a deeper trench, lay down landscape fabric to discourage weeds, spread leveling sand and wedge the bricks in.

Then I had to add more sand under any low bricks to level the path as much as possible. Lastly I spread paver locking sand and brushed it in between all of the bricks. The locking sand has polymers in it, so I had to hose the path 3 times to lock it in. I'm not sure how stiff the locking sand will be. We'll see. For now it looks pretty great.

Tomorrow I'll trim the landscape fabric and mulch.

Lastly, I forgot to post a picture of the Koolhaas hat when I finished it. It was done in time for the crocuses, but the picture turned out poorly, so you'll see it on my sunroom floor instead.

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