goats, yarn and sprouts

I have lots of pictures, but not much to say. Last weekend, Ben and I went to the Fiber Jubilee at Tall Grass Farm. They raise mohair goats there and it was shearing time.

The goats looked like they might be cold after the shearing, but otherwise put up very little fuss. Ben was glad that Rod the barber didn't have to wrangle him like that to get a haircut.

Then we went on to Needles 'n Pins yarn shop, right in the neighborhood. Many other knitters from the Fiber Jubilee were also spotted there picking up more for the stash. I had to get a photo of the Wall of Koigu. It is quite a sight to behold.

We missed Studio S due to crowds, but all in all, it was a great fiber day.

Lastly, I wanted to post a picture of my sprouts at 10 days old. Welcome to the world!

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