Rain and Sunshine

I've been waiting and waiting to post some important news on here. For 11 weeks, I was pregnant. Most of my thoughts and my knits were baby-related, which has made it very hard to come up with non-baby ideas for blog posts. 3 days from now would have been 12 weeks, thus 2nd trimester and a big sigh of relief. Unfortunately I miscarried yesterday at 3am. This means that all of the baby knits have been tucked away for the time being.

Thankfully, it is late April in Wisconsin, and we've had some good weather for gardening. The sunshine, fresh air and moist soil have helped. The bulbs planted in fall are popping up, and my plant starts and spinach sprouts get bigger everyday. I even had some friends over to knit in the backyard until it was dark enough to head inside for tea and dessert.

I hope to again find myself in the predicament of waiting to share news and not having much else to write about. Until then, it will be knitting, gardening and home renovation news all the time.

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