I have a dream...about Obama

I had a really wacky dream last night. In the dream I was Jennifer Aniston and I had a thing with Barack Obama. I lived in a co-op house with some of my (actual, not TV) friends from high school and Barack Obama and his family. It was obvious that Michelle was still deeply in love with Barack, but she was taking the news with dignity. Meanwhile, Sasha and Malia were friends of mine and Malia was trying to get me to tell her who was the cause of mommy and daddy’s break-up. There were many other madcap sitcom situations, but the story really came to a climax when Barack and I met up on a Robinson Crusoe-type island in the middle of a river (he has to keep me all hush-hush, of course). He had to get to the island in secret, so he rode a velour couch from the shore (the couch was propelled through the water by joystick, naturally). We had to climb ropes to get to the canopy and Obama brought along a wrinkly old yoga teacher to give me, Jennifer Aniston, a massage. Then an earthquake hit the river and the water tsunami caught Barack while he was climbing up the rope and he might drown….. The dream ended there with a season cliffhanger.

I wonder when the next season of the Jennifer Aniston and Barack Obama show airs….

In the meantime I keep giving Ben presidential briefings. He declared the kitchen a disaster area after I spilled cereal on the counter.

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