Ultimate Scrabble Championship of the Universe

Ben grew up with parents that are avid game, and specifically, Scrabble players. He's also a mathematician, which makes it nearly impossible to beat him at games involving strategy. So, in order to keep things civil, we set special rules to give me at least a small chance at winning. We played Yahtzee before we were married because I could win if the dice cooperated. When we played cribbage, I'd get a twenty point lead for the first year of our marriage. In Boggle, he's not allowed to use the three letter words--he's crazy good at Boggle. But, Scrabble is a whole other story. When Tina comes to visit, she and Ben play, and occasionally I put my knitting down and join in. For 2 years, Tina and I would ask Ben to close his eyes or hum a song while we discussed the best play. We'd even be allowed to used the Scrabble dictionary as much as we needed, and still Ben would always win.

On Saturday, Ben asked Tina if she wanted to play the Ultimate Scrabble Championship of the Universe. I pulled good tiles, Tina came up with good plays and the dictionary was our friend. Finally Ben lost a game of Scrabble. We videotaped Ben conceding defeat, but then baked him cinnamon rolls for being a good sport.

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