Bathroom Renovation: Installment One

Just for background, I have to include pictures of what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house in August of 2006:

The previous decorator loved:
1. crackle paint--see the brown on the left of the first photo, that was the color and paint style of the upstairs hallway
2. sponge paint--here is a prime example
3. wallpaper trim--yes, those are outhouses
4. odd color combinations--see the olive green toilet paper holder? That is the tile color in the shower. Who would match that with the evergreen trim?

So, as of Thursday morning, our bathroom (the sink and toilet half) looked like this:

You can get a better sense of the tile color in these photos and you can see that we brightened the room up with white and butter yellow paint. The flooring is actually "wood look" vinyl and is the same as the first batch of photos. In the last year we've had a safer outlet put in, a new bathroom fan and light fixture as well. We also had the tub plumbing fixed so it didn't leak into our kitchen light fixtures (bonus) and the tub tile regrouted so, again, no leaking into the kitchen. All of the plumbing and electrical work was done by the best handyman ever, Ron.

So, this current bathroom adventure started with the vanity faucet. It only dribbled water into the sink and then it leaked underneath the sink, making a big moldy mess of the vanity. With a little one on the way, I figured a working faucet was in order. Then, if we replace the faucet, we should replace the sink and moldy vanity. Then, if we replace the vanity, we should get a space-saver kind so we can fit a child's stool (so short ones can reach the sink) in the bathroom, too. In order to do that, we have to replace the vinyl flooring. So, I call up Ron, who, in addition to being a plumbing and electricity genius, also lays industrial tile.

To be continued....

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melissa said...

goodness melinda, outhouse wallpaper boarder?!?! and the paint job on the vanity!?! too much!
can't wait to see the final product!

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