Crafting: In Progress

Things have been very busy over here. As usual, I'm very good at starting projects, and I hope the finishing will happen sometime later.

Last weekend I started a quilt for the wee one. Here is a photo of the quilt top and fabrics chosen. The top is halfway done.

I started knitting this project on Inauguration Day. The yarn is a blend of kid mohair and baby camel fibers and was purchased locally at Tall Grass Fiber Farm (here is a picture of a mohair goat being shorn). The pattern is a simple moss stitch and the blanket will be washed once to full it slightly. After that it will need handwashing (This may not be the best plan for a baby item, but we'll see...).

And this weekend I started some cloth diapers. I have the middle layer for 24 newborn sized diapers complete. I'll share pictures later when they look more exciting. We've also been busy this week with some home renovation projects which I'll show you soon.

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melissa said...

what a fun quilt!
and the blanket is just scrumptious - is it just crazy-soft?

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