Crafting my little heart out

I've started to knit a blankie, make a patchwork quilt, and I've ordered a cloth diaper pattern all for the belly bean. I'll have to post photos of the other crafts soon, but today I'm including a picture of the very easy, very cute recycled t-shirt hats made for our little one. I found the pattern here. The hardest part is resetting the sewing machine tension to sew jersey fabric. After that, it is a breeze and I made 6. I used some old yoga t-shirts and the backs of some painting shirts. They are super soft from many previous washings and should be just the right weight for late May/early June.


Jake, Kat and Oliver Hoeksema said...

Super cute, Melinda. I couldn't follow the link though. Might you email it to me?
Thinking you're amazing,

quirkygranolagirl said...

Thanks, Kat. I fixed the link now.

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