Valentine's Dinner turns into "I heart Monty's"

If you've ever lived in Madison, Wisconsin, you must have been to or heard of Monty's Blue Plate Diner. It has retro diner decor, ultra-hip and tattooed waitstaff, the best pie on the planet, and some of the most comforting vegetarian fare I've ever had.

So, yesterday was Valentine's Day (in case you didn't hear) and I felt lousy all day (pregnancy insomnia story deleted). Finally, around 6pm, I pulled out of my funk and decided that Ben deserved a decent meal given all he has put up with. Last week I designed a recipe to mimic the Zucchini-Potato Pancakes (with sour cream and cranberry applesauce topping) at Monty's. They were a big hit, so I decided to repeat.

That looks like a lot of toppings, but it's my house, so I can do that sort of thing.

Then, while Ben helped me fry those up, I started on some Lemon Meringue Pie. This was my mom's (otherwise known as Pastry Chef Extraordinaire) recipe and it didn't disappoint.

The lemon filling is oozing, but we already let it cool for 40 minutes. We really couldn't wait any longer.

So, we had vegetarian comfort food and some of the best pie on the planet for Valentine's Day. That's our romantic dinner in Beloit. What did you do?


melissa said...

looks delicious!
any chance you'll share your zucchini-potato pancake recipe?

Jake, Kat and Oliver Hoeksema said...

woa. you guys have us beat by a long shot! (Have you ever stopped to really ponder that expression, beat by a long shot? not sure what it really means, but I do know I haven't eaten anything as remotely tasty as that pie anytime recently!)

quirkygranolagirl said...

I'll post the pancake recipe when I make it next. I have to properly measure ingredients (a handful of cranberries and enough applesauce to make a pretty color doesn't seem specific enough).

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