Bathroom Renovation: Installment Two

So, I last left you with pictures from Thursday morning. Now I have a humorous story to share about Thursday afternoon. Here is the scene:

Please note the 9" openings under the sink and the 3 feet of floor space between vanity and bathroom door. Now picture a crazy, 6 month pregnant lady laying on the floor with her head in one hole, arm in the other, one leg out of the bathroom and the other leg on the other side of the door and in the tub. Said crazy lady is rolling around on the floor and swearing at rusted plumbing fixtures installed in the 60's. I did get the faucet and sink out by myself. That night and Friday I got the vanity and flooring out, but I left the toilet removal for Ben. So, Friday night our bathroom looked like this:

All that work in less than 36 hours. The urgency of the nesting hormones comes in handy when completing renovation.

Ron installed the flooring this weekend, but I don't have pictures yet. You can expect another bathroom installment in a week or two when I've had time to do more work in there. At least it's no longer like working inside a clown car.

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