Spring Break 2009

We frequently get the advice to go out and have fun now...before the baby comes. We are pretty sure that we'll have plenty of fun after the baby, but it'll probably be a different kind.

So, this is Ben's Spring Break week, and we'd normally try to go on a hiking or camping trip, but I can barely sleep on our bed at home let alone a camping mat in the cold. This year we took just three days to check out the Horicon Marsh and then Baraboo, Wisconsin. Tuesday's weather was in the 40's, but very foggy, so I have no Horicon Marsh photos. Ben did see some sandhill cranes, goldeneye, scaup and hooded mergansers on the trip. Wednesday and Thursday weather dropped to single digits at night and low 20's during the day. So we ate soup and sipped tea at cute cafes and played board games (we are in the middle of a winter/spring board game Olympics--results still pending). We also read books and (I) knit. This isn't exactly like a Cancun vacation, but we did get to swim in the pool at the Baraboo hotel. It was 3' 11" deep maximum and as big as a human sized fishbowl, but we had a blast.

This is my 28 weeks and 4 days belly pic in the horrible maternity swimsuit.

We had a great time doing quiet and cozy activities.

I hope you are enjoying the last of the quiet and cozy days of winter before the gardening season starts. The first day of spring is in one week!

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Ben N. said...

Had a great time with you!


Your Hubby

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