Baby Shower Weekend

I have been crazy super sick for nearly a week, but I finally feel more like myself today. So, here is a late post about the lovely baby shower that my mom threw for me last weekend. My mom started planning the menu 2-1/2 months in advance and it was well worth it. Unfortunately, I was too congested to remember to take a picture of the fabulous buffet: gorgeous green salad with fruit and nuts, yummy chicken salad, rhubarb quick bread, cherry and blueberry yeast bread, artichoke/sun-dried tomato/provolone stuffed bread, fruit plate (thanks Auntie Nonie), Scotcharoos (thanks Auntie Pam), and my mom's famous Daffodil Angel Food Cake. Does it make your mouth water even without the picture? It really should.

Anyway, Mom and I had no enthusiasm for party games, so we shared "favorite childhood memories" or "funny things kids say," instead. For instance: my niece, Haille (pictured in the party dress below), at 4 years old and struggling to fit the crayons back in the crayon box said, "C'mon, it's not rocket science!" And Ben, now 35 and a mathematician said at 5 years old (quoted in his baby book by his mom), "I used to not believe in a hundred." I hope I can be half as good as Ben's mom about remembering and writing down those kid quotes.

There were an overwhelming amount of lovely baby gifts to open. Haille was on trash duty and also on hurrying the pregnant lady when she was opening the paper too slowly. Little Kelsie (far left) was on duty admiring the "baby" in all of the pictures on the boxes.

The shower was a grand success because of the lovely people pictured below (my sweet mom is on the far left) and numerous people that couldn't make it to town, but sent greetings in the mail. Ben and I feel grateful for the community of family and friends that surround us. Thank you SO much!

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