It will be a BOY!

I decided to spill the beans on my birthday, but I didn't find the time to blog yesterday. Anyway, now I can share pics of the cute second-hand things we've found for our little guy, and I don't have to be fearful of using pronouns. It's a he!

It's been interesting seeing the votes come in. Almost everyone guessed girl at first (as did Ben and I) and then the tide started changing to boy. The votes on the blog still said girl though. Thanks for being patient, everyone.

In gardening news: I'm still anxiously awaiting the daffodil blooms in the yard and I'll share the Daffodil Angel Food Cake recipe soon, too.

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melissa said...

oh how fun! a sweet baby boy!
congratulations again - and thanks for spilling the beans!
(and happy late birthday! hope you had a good day!)

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