Patrolling for shoots and buds

Do all gardeners do this? In the spring, I go out every day and patrol the yard looking for what has popped out of the ground next. Each day there is something new if I look close enough. Here is what I found today:

Above are bleeding heart shoots, grape hyacinth buds, prairie grass shoots, mum sprouts and the "way back" bed filled with daffodils, mini daffodils, hyacinths and grape hyacinths (I'm super excited to see all of the yellow and purple when this blooms). Plants aren't only exciting when they flower or give fruit (or vegetable). I adore the fresh newness of the shoots and buds.

When people ask me how soon the baby is coming and if I'm getting excited, I just think about all that I want to accomplish and witness in my garden before he comes. I hope to take him outside for my daily yard patrol as soon as possible. I also hope to be present daily to witness the fresh newness and changes in him every day.

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