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Dyed eggs
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Last week Friday, I decided to experiment with natural egg dyeing. I spent the entire morning and early afternoon in the kitchen boiling eggs, boiling dye stuffs, cooling and straining dye and then timing eggs in the dye. Each dye recipe started with 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons vinegar and then one of the following (in order from left to right): 2 Tblsp bright orange Hungarian paprika, 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup chopped beets and 2 Tblsp turmeric. Each egg was left for 1/2 hour in the cooled dye bath. The paprika egg turned out barely gray. The blueberry dye turned my counters a pretty purple, but the egg only blue gray. The beet dye turned my kitchen sink an adorable pink, but the eggs were spotty and ruddy. The turmeric turned everything bright yellow, and the eggs were yellow/orange and ruddy again. I should mention here that I got so frustrated that I had to leave the kitchen, and Ben saved the day by scrubbing the counters, sink and stove while I cleaned the rest of the house. Overall, I don't think the experiment was a success. I was disappointed with the quality of the colors and it took a lot of energy to cook up (and clean up) all of the dyes. Maybe I'll stick with the brown eggs and crayons next year.

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