I'm Ready

The bag is packed.
The crib is set up in our room and the car seat is installed.
The chest freezer is almost bursting with pre-made meals.
The house is clean.
The baby's room is painted:

The guest room trim is painted and shades and curtains are up.

Thanks Daria for all of your help!

The vegetable garden is in.

I even did some baby sewing. Here is a diaper changing pad and a sheet saver.

Yesterday was our due date. I've gone for 2 walks per day for a week. I've tried acupuncture and Mexican food. I've even tried some baby whispering--"I'm ready. We're ready. Are you ready?"

Taken one week ago, but the belly hasn't really changed much.

Do we look ready?

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melissa said...

yes you look ready! and completely amazing, by the way.
i'll send some baby whispering vibes your way!

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