Feeding system

We've had a lot of people asking about how Henry is eating. If you haven't heard yet, he is a sweet, but sleepy baby and hasn't quite mastered the breastfeeding latch yet. I've been pumping for every meal since birth and we've been feeding him with a syringe and tiny tube taped to a finger. Henry gets his mouth exercise and food while sucking on our finger. When he's happy and fed, then we practice with the breast. We have also been blessed with using human donor milk for the first few days to supplement the colostrum I was pumping. This way, Henry has had the best possible start in the world.


MeganMonday said...

Sounds like you guys are taking awesome care of Henry.

I know how unsolicited advice and generalizing can sometimes not be so helpful, but for what it's worth: I have a girlfriend who recently had early latch issues with her son. She had a chiropractor who specialized in infant care see him, and the problem was resolved in a visit or two. He got a little misaligned from the trip into the world; once he was adjusted his latch was great. Just thought it was worth mentioning to you. We see a chiropractor in madison who does specialize in infant care...and/or I could forward the name of the one who my girlfriend took her son to (Milwaukee area) if your interested.

He's adorable.

Denise said...
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Denise said...

Dear Melinda
I was directed to your page via googlesearch for "finger feeding fathers". I am researching pictures for a german attachment parenting magazine of the La Leache League. Our next issue will be on combine feeding and we will talk a lot about lactation aids etc. It is so rare to see one in use, which is why i would like to ask, yet to BEG you, to get into contact with me about the use of this adorable picture of your hubby and your son henry. Pls reach me at denise.ruhland (at) gmx.ch to talk about it. by the way, great patches, my mil does patchwork, i will show her your blog, she will flip backwards ...

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