Henry's Big Day

Our 3rd wedding anniversary was yesterday, so now that our little team of two has expanded to three, we decided that it was time for Henry's first big adventure. We thought we'd take him on an educational outing, starting with a geography lesson. I'm a Wisconsin girl, through and through, and Ben grew up in Chicago, so we first gave him a tour of the state line. Since we live about 10 blocks from Illinois, I wonder which state he'll have allegiance to?

Next came Henry's lesson in sushi appreciation.

Lastly, we thought we'd introduce him to some light reading.

As you can see, he's tired from his big day, but we hope he absorbed at least a little through osmosis.


melissa said...

you two are hilarious!
happy anniversary

Dirk Awesome said...

That sushi one is fantastic.

Happy anniversary!

Mol said...

I laughed out loud.

Mom said...

I love it!!! It looks like Henry really loved his tour. Next time try to get a picture when he isn't blinking. Love you guys.

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