More Summer Visitors

I must admit, this week as a mom has been a rough one. Henry is still not latching on and it is starting to look like I'll be pumping six times a day for the forseeable future. I've been really disappointed about this. I also have thrush, otherwise known as a yeast infection in the milk ducts. It isn't comfortable, it hasn't gotten better in a week and a half and it means I can't have ice cream or yummy baked goods or pizza--and the list goes on.

Thankfully, we had a bright spot in our week. My friend, Kat, and her son, Oliver, came to visit. Kat is the kind of friend that notices and compliments my garden and my home renovation projects and makes me feel accomplished and capable. She also brought us food and gushed over Henry almost as much as I do. Here is a picture that looks like Henry is telling her a big story.

Oliver was exploring our house and yard and showing us the sign language he knows. He and Ben watered the flowers in the garden, too. It was fun to see what a Henry might be up to in a year and a half. Here is Oliver testing out Henry's toys. Very thoughtful.

Thanks for the great visit!

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melisa said...

hey melinda, sorry to hear about your latching on issues, that has to be so frustrating. but you should feel proud of yourself for continuing to pump, so many other women would have given up if they were in your shoes - especially considering the thrush!

you are an amazing mom!

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