Yes, I do still garden.

Purple Poppies
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A lovely knitting friend gave me seeds last year for these fantastic deep purple poppies. They are coming up and blooming like gangbusters, so I will have plenty of seeds to share in the late summer. If you'd like me to mail you a packet, leave a comment with a link or your email address, and I'll send them out in early fall.
In other gardening news, my tomato plants are four and a half feet tall and still growing. Unfortunately, I must make a public apology to my pea and bean plants. They didn't get spoiled with all of the attention (and water) that they normally do. The pea plants are taking it really hard and I may end up with only 3 snap peas to show for it.


melisa said...

ooh ooh! i'd like some poppy seeds!
they're such a lovely dark purple, love it.
thanks melinda!

Mol said...

Those are so beautiful! My current housemates LOVE the color purple. I know they'd love it in their garden, too. I'd take some if you have any extras...

Motherhood is sounding both wonderful and challenging. I sure hope that little guy learns to eat soon!

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