Grammy and Grampy come to Beloit again

No one can stay away from that sweet baby head smell for long, least of all, my mom.

Henry had a bit of a fussy weekend with Grammy and Grampy (though my mom laughs when we say this because my brother had colic--bad). He did like making eyes and telling tall tales with Grandma. He also showed off his tie-dyed onsie (courtesy of Kristin--thank you!) to Grandpa.

Henry was bored to sleep by our visit to the campus,

but he liked our visit to Turtle Island playground. I've never taken a newborn to the park so much, but it is fun to watch the older kids play and picture a day when he'll be climbing around.

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Britt said...

Man, that is one eff-ed up turtle! that thing freaks me out whenever I go jogging down there.

Henry's looking especially adorable—he knows how to turn on the charm for grandma and grandpa!

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