Summer Family Day

We've had a lot of summer visitors, but Ben and I haven't gotten out for any camping, paddling or hiking trips this year. Last Wednesday we resolved to go for one great day out before Ben's school semester started. We took a scenic drive through Monroe, Argyle, Mineral Point and Dodgeville, WI. We stopped at Yellowstone Lake State Park for lunch, ice cream and a hike. Henry wasn't too interested in the bat house program there, but we thought it was pretty cool--especially when the mosquitoes didn't maul us while hiking.

Then we drove near Spring Green to stop on the Wisconsin River. We lounged on a blanket, had a picnic and we did a crossword puzzle in the shade while Henry studied the leaves in the trees.

I didn't capture on film any of the beauty of the driftless region of Wisconsin because I was too busy taking cute baby pictures. I'll have to remember to point the camera away from the baby next time we go on an adventure day.


melissa said...

hooray for bat house programs!

and i don't think anyone can fault you for not being able to point your camera anywhere but at henry - he's just too cute!

Britt said...

The picture with the hat is classic.

perches said...

Your baby pictures are amazing, I love this one with the giant hat! I've followed your link over from the Vintage Swap and am loving your site...

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