Baby in handknits

The wonderful Kristin knit this sweater for Henry. The construction is really cool. The sweater body and collar/hood is a big circle with buttons and sleeves added.


melissa said...

wow - that sweater is really cool!
and the colors look great with henry's eyes.
babies in jeans + handknits is almost too cute for words!!

kat said...

let's see some more of that darling little man wearing that interesting sweater. you say a circle with buttons? huh?
love to you three beauties,

Kristin said...

I'm so glad he can wear it! It makes me so happy to see that picture. I started that sweater before he was even conceived, just as my way of communicating to the universe that someday Melinda would have a baby.

Pattern for the sweater can be found here: (although I'm sure I didn't follow the pattern exactly because, you know, that would be too easy)

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