Fall Projects

In winter, my project was cleaning and organizing the house to prepare for baby (I even organized the spice rack, the junk drawer and the basement. I can't believe I ever had the time for that). In spring I redid our upstairs bathroom and cooked a ton of food for the chest freezer (which we are still eating from!). And, you all know what my summer project was :)

In fall, I usually get the crafting bug, but this year was uncertain. I lost my knitting mojo for months, but thanks to Melissa's washcloth obsession rubbing off on me, I'm back.

Now I have 3 sewing projects floating around in my head, 3 active knitting projects on the needles, and one of my craft bins has exploded onto my dining room table.

I'm happy as a crafting momma could be with lots of inspiration, and a little bit of time to work on things.

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melissa said...

first things first - that picture of henry is completely adorable!

hooray for catching the crafting bug! (i'm glad you're loving the dishcloths.) your craft bin explosion looks very fun - i can't wait to see what you create!

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