Five years ago today...

...Ben and I met for the first time. (Newton trivia: we found each other through a dating website) We met at a coffee shop near the UW campus and had cocoa, then we walked out on the Lakeshore Path to Picnic Point and then we walked over to the Ag campus to look at the cows (I told him that we could pet the cows but the barn was locked). We talked and walked and four hours flew by like nothing. We ended the night with a simple hug and I biked home and told my housemates how great he was.

Now, here he is with a burp cloth on his shoulder and a sleeping baby in a sling. We had a nice dinner out on the deck and Ben didn't seem to mind at all that I smelled like spit up.

He still is pretty great.

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melissa said...

what a great story, i love the part where you smell like spit up, it's so sweet - congratulations on five years!

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