The twins have landed

My friend, Krista, had twins by surrogate on the exact same day that Henry was born. Kai and Zoe came with Krista to Beloit for a visit last week.

The twins arrived while Henry was napping. When he woke up, Henry and Zoe stared at each other for the longest time. Of course, Krista and I discussed when they could start dating.

Here is Krista buried in a pile of babies:

Here are the magical sleeping babies:

When they get tired, you set them down and they fall asleep. Seriously. I have to get Henry in the swaddle in a dark room with a fan on, try a book, try the bottle and usually end up with him screaming in my ear for 10 minutes while I sing to him and he eventually cries himself to sleep on my shoulder and then I transfer him into the swing. It's exhausting. Watching these two babies just fall asleep on my couch was astounding. Is there a cable channel with babies just falling asleep?

Anyway, last photo, here is Krista scientifically trying to decide which boy weighs more.

Shortly after that, the twins took off again. We do look forward to more visits and joint birthday parties in the future. Can you just imagine three sticky babies having their first birthday cake? Should be fun.


print said...
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melissa said...

how fun that they share a birthday!

they sure look cute all piled together on the couch.

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