Fall Farm Trip

My friend, Kristen, has a vegetable CSA called Blue Moon Community Farm and she's started raising animals, too.  Last weekend Henry and I made the trip for the Harvest Farm Party.  We printed T-shirts and a onesie

and visited the animals.  Kristen has laying chickens, pigs...

...broiler chickens, and turkeys. 

 I got the stink eye from this chicken and the turkey up above.  It must have been the camera because the animals liked Henry just fine.

After checking out the animals, I showed Henry Kristen's lettuce, kale, brussels sprouts and many other tasty vegetables.  We also chatted about how much he'll help Kristen weed the vegetable patch when he's a little bigger.

I already have some overalls for him to wear in the 2T size.  That's old enough, right?


Anonymous said...

it sounds like you guys had a really fun day. such a cute onesie!

melissa said...

what a wonderful day at the farm! i bet henry just loved seeing all the animals!
the onesie is adorable!

gardenmama said...

aww lovelove the onesie!
it looks like a beautiful day! : )

cmv said...

oh how fun! there's nothing better than taking kids to the farm! (i'm taking 15 of them next thursday- wish me luck). your onesie is adorable!

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