Fall Yard Day

Ready for yard day
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This was my first back carry with Henry in the Ergo. He was very patient with the pulling of the tomatoes and zinnias and he eventually fell asleep.

Saturday was the most time I had spent in the garden since the pregnant days of spring. In May, I was observing new shoots and thinking about my baby's arrival. I spent a lot of time then worrying about how I'd stay on top of the weeding. On Saturday he was on my back and I was trimming or yanking out the whole overgrown plant and thinking about how much growth I'd missed in the garden because I was focused on Henry. It is wild how fast the time passes. Gardening and paying attention to the seasons helps me to stay more present, but, sometimes, just barely.


melissa said...

oh my - henry looks so grown up strapped to your back!
glad to hear you got some time outside in your garden. nature does wonders for the soul, doesn't it?

Heather said...

How wonderful that you got some lovely time outside with your little ones, and your garden.

When Elwood was born, I had a two year old, and I have to say that the Ergo became my best friend. I cooked with it on, cleaned, gardened, grocery shopped, etc. Life seemed so much smoother with him there. He was content, happy and just enjoyed looking around. I could not have lived with out it.

kat said...

my first thought was how big Henry looks on your back. And then how great that you can get outside and tend to your garden. I still put Ollie in the Ergo, though now with his "nope" well developed he has to want to go in, like yesterday when he was sick sick sick with a cold and all he wanted to do was be carried. love you,

Chris Worthy said...

He is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable picture of you two! He looks like he was having fun helping his mama in the garden :)

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