Not Too Scary

The other day Henry and I walked through our local cemetery to meet Ben after work.  (Ben always takes the cemetery route because it has some of the biggest, oldest trees and the birds like that spot.  Ben's favorite bird sighting there is a Philadelphia Vireo.)

As I looked around, I thought of all of the yards with fake headstones out to celebrate Halloween.  I think gravestones are beautiful, not scary.

Now, if you want scary cute, here's a skeleton and a pumpkin boy.


melissa said...

i agree with you about the headstones - and your pictures capture their beauty so well.

henry is the cutest skeleton/pumpkin boy i've ever seen!
happy halloween!!

Kristin said...

I love his costume! I know someone is holding him up, but he looks like he's about to bust out with a skeleton disco dance.

Heather said...

Seriously, this is soooooo cute. What an adorable skeleton you have!

Your pictures of the graveyard are gorgeous. It always amazing how powerful and beautiful a graveyard can be

Maribeth said...

Those baby photos are very funny! He'll appreciate them when he's older.

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