Sleeping on Grampy

Sleeping on Grampy
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Henry and I had an exciting day in Milwaukee on Wednesday. We drove there to meet up with my parents for the day. We went to a coffee shop, my favorite Milwaukee local yarn store, a park, out for dinner and my favorite frozen custard shop. It was a great day, but Henry needed a break for a nap at the same time that my dad was not interested in the yarn shop.

If you spotted a gorgeous handknit on that baby, you are right. That is a beautiful sweater of handspun merino wool yarn made by the talented Nicole (or iclone).


melissa said...

sounds like you had a charming day in milwaukee.
the picture of henry sleeping on grandpa is so completely adorable - warms my heart.

cmv said...

oh my goodness that picture is too adorable! that little striped foot hanging out- too cute! and hooray for ruhamas! glad you had such a great time!

Anonymous said...

oh, that is such a sweet picture!!!

Heather said...

That is such an amazing photo, and what a gorgeous sweater. I remember moments like these, and they just grow so quickly. Enjoy

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