Stamp Carving

Every fall, I get an extra burst of energy to start something new.  Last year I tried jogging and push ups.  (I never said that this something new stuck with me for long.)  This year I've been following a lot of art and craft blogs and have been inspired to do some crafting of my own.   This stamp carving tutorial reminded me of projects I used to make.  (Also, the thrill of using sharp objects after the baby goes to bed sounded like too much fun.)

 The first stamps I made were remaking old stamps I had that had deteriorated.

Then I started a batch of numbers of different font styles. 

Since then, I started doodling everyday things (for me) and carved these.   I've been using them in a journal that I recently started...but that is a post for a different day.


cmv said...

these are so great! i love them! what do you use- linoleum blocks?

melissa said...

i love the "thrill of sharp object after the baby goes to bed!" that's awesome.
your stamps are fantastic - you're inspiring me to go and carve some stamps now!

Anonymous said...

great doodles! thanks for the inspiration :)

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