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Last weekend we had GORGEOUS weather for November in Wisconsin.  60's to low 70's, sunny, light breeze.  We spent a half day putting the yard and the garden to bed for the year, and I spent some time harvesting seeds.  I have lots of this:

purple poppies, full/part sun, sow anytime between now and the first snow

some of this:

    wild columbine, part sun/shade, May blooms,
    sow now

and this is a new one to harvest this year:

butterfly weed, sun, sow now or in the spring, may not establish and flower until the following year, mid to late summer blooms

I'm happy to send out an envelope of seeds to anyone that requests some.

Also, if you are local or willing to pay shipping for small bulb/tubers, you can have some of these:

mini irises (Siberian?), sun/part sun, early blooming (April), will multiply so you can share with your neighbors in a few years.

I hope all of the gardeners out there get a few lovely weather days left to poke around in the dirt before the snow flies.


melisa said...

what beautiful flowers!
i'd love it if you wanted to share some seeds, although i' need them to come with good directions, i know next to nothing about planting flowers!
thanks melinda - you're awesome!!

Heather said...

Gorgeous flowers! We are having really unseasonable weather here too, and loving it :)

Maribeth said...

These flowers are a lovely contrast to the gray, leafless trees I see out my window!

cmv said...

gorgeous! i didn't even know there were purple poppies- incredible!

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