Gator Wrastlin'

I met our nephew, Noah, when he was a little over a year old and he taught me all about gator wrastlin'.  The trunk strength and flexibility of an infant can be tremendous.  I can't capture any pictures of myself with Henry, but here is one of Tina trying to contain him when he's really excited to eat his own toes:

Tina lives in Chicago, so she took the bus up to Milwaukee last week and Henry and I drove over to meet her for the day.  We had a great time at Broadway Paper, Milwaukee Ale House for lunch, Ruhama's Yarn and Alterra Coffee.  I have to take advantage of Henry's willingness to hang out at craft stores now.  I'm sure gator wrastlin' is easier than toddler corralling.


cmv said...

Ooh- sounds like a wonderful day! I've never been to the Ale house but absolutely love all the other places on your list! Did you get anything good at Ruhama's?

Tania said...

Toddlers and craft stores are a ghastly mix. Just trust me.

melissa said...

love that picture! he looks so happy while he tries to eat his feet!!

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