Seed Update and the Best Organic Baby Toy Ever

Melissa (she's one third of the Knitting Sandwich) made a good point in her comment to my last post: "i need them to come with good directions, i know next to nothing about planting flowers!"

So, my gardening disclaimer is this:  I am not a great gardener.  Growing pretty stuff is deceptively easy.  It is the weeding and mulching that gets hard.  Some stuff won't grow in your soil, or with your amount of sunlight or moisture, but that's okay.  Every year my spinach is pitiful and my snap peas are poor producers, and I gave up on growing ranunculus bulbs.  But, I still try it out and if it doesn't come up, I try again in the case of veggies and I try something else in the case of flowers.  So, be brave, try some seeds, and I'll send the best directions I can :)

In other garden news, our weather is still holding out, so I put the veggie garden to bed for the year.  Henry got fussy while I was mulching the leaves (I totally heart my new electric leaf vacuum/mulcher),

so I distracted him with a Swiss chard leaf.  He loved the springy, squeaky texture and enjoyed mouthing it and tearing it up.  And it composts in about a week.  What "green" toys do your kids love best?


melissa said...

ha ha! okay, disclaimer noted. you will in no way be held responsible for my inability to grow flowers from you seeds :)
can i sign up for a seed packet?

my guinea pigs like swiss chard too! but they're not as cute as henry when they play with it.

cmv said...

that IS the best organic toy!

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