I've been busy with the sewing machine most evenings (when not knitting).  I've been having fun with figuring out the geometry of sewing something flat into something 3D.  Here is a rag bag experiment:

Here is a flat project that will stay flat.  Two quilted towels for under the dishrack.

And here is the start of a wall quilt for my living room.  It is important for all sewing projects to be taste tested :)


melissa said...

eeeee! henry is so derned cute!

love the rag bag and those quilted mats are genius!

cmv said...

so fun! i'm impressed at how many projects you have going- they're all so lovely! i'm excited to see how your wall hanging turns out- the colors are really great

gardenmama said...

sweet, sweet little babe : )
the rag bag is genius!

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