Early New Year

I love homemade traditions, don't you?  For about 6 or 7 years, I've rung in the new year with Tina.  Over two days we eat good food, drink tea and cocoa (and the occasional adult beverage), we craft or make art, we talk about the year's accomplishments, we make big plans for the new year and we get outside for a snowy hike.  Occasionally we add a good movie or a yoga session to the mix.  Traditions can be flexible.

Well, last year Tina was in London, and I really missed our standing New Year's gig.  This year our family is going to California (do you hear Joni Mitchell in your head when you read that?) for the holiday.  So, in the spirit of yoga and flexibility, our New Year's holiday was December 29th and 30th.  Yup.  Today is already 2010 for me and it has been since yesterday.  Tasty things were baked, good meals eaten, beverages drunk, there was laughing and merriment and what not, big plans were made, a baby was tickled, new earrings were crafted (photo pending) and to cap it all off....


There is nothing like ringing in the new year with all of the best things in life!  I hope you get to enjoy a holiday filled with good food, good company and good fresh air!


cmv said...

what a wonderful way to start the year!
all the best to you and your lovely family in 2010!

melissa said...

how great that you got to have your celebration with tina! that picture of henry is too cute for words.

happy new year to you!!

and thank you for getting joni mitchell stuck in my head - i love that song, what a nice way to sing in the first day of 2010!

have fun in california!!

Heather said...

Well that sounds like a great tradition for starting each new year off with. Glad that you found a way to still have a great time. Enjoy your time in California

kate said...

A perfect way to kick off a new year...especially getting those amazing lil' baby cheeks so rosy with fresh winter air:)

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