Happy Christmas

Is it too late in the season to post pictures of a sweet boy enjoying his 1st Christmas?  I hope not, because after I finish this post, we pack to go to California to see more grandparents and Henry gets to do it all over again.

First, cousin Haille had to pile every single stuffed animal and dolly on him and he sat there patiently while she showed him all the rest of her toys.

Then Henry had a blast in Grammy's sink taking a bath.  The shiny metal fixtures were fascinating and he learned how to pull himself up to near standing in the sink.

(don't those blue eyes just kill you?)

Then there was the wrapping paper and ribbons and bows and trees and ornaments.  He gazed, he touched and he tasted.

Speaking of tasting, don't forget Christmas dinner!  Henry loved his first turkey dinner with squash and kept flapping his arms and growling for more.

We all had fabulous holiday, especially seeing it through Henry's eyes.  Soon we will be off to warmer climates and a different kind of Christmas--one with palm trees and beach visits!


melissa said...

looks like henry thoroughly enjoyed his first christmas!
that picture of him in the sink is too cute.

and i love his new goatee in the last shot - it's a good look for him!
happy new years!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how adorable! I love the story about his cousin & her display of toys.

cmv said...

oh he's too too sweet! i love the ribbon picture, so cute!
happy first christmas henry!
and happy 2010 to you!!!

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