Meet up!

As previously mentioned, Henry and I went to La Crosse over the weekend to meet the lovely Melissa in person.  We first met on ravelry in spring of 2008.  Since then, she's become an encouraging force in my life and one can't have enough friends like that.

We stayed at a unique motel.  I have to show the other side of the marquee (in case you've already seen Melissa's post):

Henry was a big fan of the lady with the active eyebrows:

Weekend highlights included knitting with Melissa, the most delicious Eggs Benedict I've ever had, and three new tubes of lip balm (yes, lip balm is that exciting).  Better yet, Henry continues to be a portable little dude, so more overnight visits may be in our future.

If you are thinking of resolutions for the new year, I highly recommend the halfway meet up with new and old friends alike.  Henry and I met this year with my parents in Milwaukee, with Tina in Milwaukee, and this weekend I get to rendezvous with Tina in Schaumburg and I'll be baby-free (picture happy dance here)!  Who knows what adventures next year will bring.


melissa said...

hooray for the meetup!! our waiter did a fine job with the picture of all three of us. i'll tell you one more time (because it's still true) i had a wonderful wonderful weekend with you and henry and i hope we're able to do it again soon!

have fun this weekend with tina!!

cmv said...

hooray for such a great weekend!!
sounds like such a marvelous time!-- and i've never heard anyone call her 'the lady with the active eyebrows' but that's super funny!

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