California Adventures: Part One

We spent a good amount of our time in California chillin' at Grandma and Baba's house.  Henry played in the kitchen, ate lots of new foods in the high chair and learned how to bang on the piano.

But, we also had some grand adventures.  First are some pictures of floats the day after the Rose Parade.  The crowds were wicked, but seeing the artistry of those floats up close was pretty amazing. 

Then came our trip to the ocean at Seal Beach.Henry was so fascinated with looking down at his feet in the ocean that I had to bring the camera down to him.

And, lastly, Ben and I had an adventure of our own.  Henry hung out with his grandparents while we went out for a movie and a lunch date!  We saw the Fantastic Mr. Fox and ate fusion food.   
Can you see how giddy Ben looks in this picture?  We kind of looked like that the whole time.


cmv said...

sounds like the perfect california adventure! time well spent with family, feet in the ocean and some alone time for you and ben--- that's wonderful!

melissa said...

wow - how amazing to see the rose parade floats up close!

and how cute is henry being obsessed with the ocean! i love his little hat.

that is a great picture of you holding henry at the beach - you look fantastic!!

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