California Teaser

We are all having a fine time here in sunny CA.  Here are a few pictures of the things that Henry is enjoying most:


The orange tree in the backyard with fruit low enough to be explored by a baby, and grandparents that are happy to help him explore what California has to offer.

The ocean.  Water to splash in, sand between toes, seagulls to laugh at, and more water to splash in.  He was very reluctant to stop the splashing.   (My heart almost broke to see him smiling that big.  Have you ever been so happy that your heart ached really, really bad?  It was like that.)

Green grass to pull on.  The last time we had green grass and weather warm enough to sit and play with it, he couldn't just sit and play.  (In fact, he'd fold over face down in it and I didn't want him to eat too much dirt this early.)  This was very near the beach and he could have played here for hours.  That was until he discovered his water splashing tricks.  Have I mentioned how fun that is?

I hope everyone else is enjoying the new year.  I'll be back this weekend with more pictures of obnoxiously lovely weather and a cute baby.


Heather said...

Oh my, I grew up in Half Moon Bay, just outside of San Francisco, and I miss it so much. Your post brought back a flood of memeories. I hope that you have a wonderful trip

melissa said...

what fantastic pictures! that first one is just precious and baby toes in the ocean - could it get any more perfect that that?!?

glad you're enjoying the warmer weather, sunshine, and green grass!! (not to mention the splashing!)

cmv said...

oh what a wonderfully fabulous image that is, to think of little henry with his feet in the sand and delight in his soul!
just fabulous!

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