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(For the context for this post, I recommend you head over to Melissa's blog to see that we are not the only people naming backyard woodpeckers.)

Ben:  I think the woodpeckers at our feeder this year are named Marcus and Ester.
Me:  I thought their names were Clara and Digger.
Ben:  Yeah, Clara and Digger were here last year but they've moved off to the floodplain.
         The other woodpecker that had the hots for Clara was named Armando.
Me:  Armando?
        Why didn't Clara and Digger come back?
Ben:  They found a nice quiet tree.  Living in the city was exciting for awhile when they were young,
         but now they've moved off to a quiet neighborhood by the creek.
Me:  Oh, okay.
        Is Armando back this year?
Ben:  Whereabouts unknown.

How about you?  Do you name your backyard birds or animals?  Are there any soap operas in your garden?

(Maybe another time I'll tell you about our neighbor's cat, Tippy, and the mischief she gets up to.)


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melissa said...

love it!
you can tell that i am a novice bird watcher because i don't follow the relationship drama as closely as you and ben... it gives me something to aspire to!

Britt said...

When I lived for a summer in Soccorro, NM, we had a pair of barn swallows named Riccardo and Imelda nesting over our patio.

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