Super Late Holiday Crafts: Part 1

Whew!  I can finally reveal photos of some cool holiday crafting that I did back in November and December.  I did a gift swap with my knitter mom friends and then we had a quiz to guess who gave and got what.  These are some internet savvy gals, so I had to be all secretive until now.  Not that it helped.  Everyone managed to guess my gift anyway :)

So, first I'll show you the cloth book that I made from the pattern in Stitch Magazine.  I made 3 of these, one for Henry, one for swap and one for a friend's daughter.

And here is the pie taker also from Stitch Magazine.  Have I mentioned here how much I love that magazine?  It costs as much as some craft books but I've made 3 patterns with 6 finished items from it and I still have big plans for the rest of the magazine.  I really really like it.  Anyway, one of these was for swap and one for my mom's birthday (I don't have pictures of hers) and I'd like to make a few more.

The picture to the left is with an empty pie plate inside, but it stores flat and looks pretty nifty, too.

I did more zipper bag sewing also. 

And, lastly, there was a little knitting.  This is the Aston hat (rav link) and was a swap gift.

So, even if I'm a little quiet with crafty posts, I'm still busy as a bee over here :)  For instance, I've got 2 projects on the needles and 2 sewing projects in the works and another 14 on the bulletin board. 


melissa said...

beautiful beautiful work!
those books are fantastic! i love them for their simplicity and bold colors - perfect for little budding mathematicians!

love the grey (blue?) fabric on your pie taker too!

cmv said...

oh my goodness! i am super impressed! that cloth book is a brilliant idea, and i imagine a lot of work- what a beautiful gift!
and that hat is just too adorable! love the color!

kat said...

when? how? is henry a saint?!
i have questions for you about carrot cake baking...i want to make jake's cake this weekend and stick it in the freezer. what do i need to know about that? i will call you maybe on thursday to talk it over. looking forward to catching up.

Lovely World said...

I love your choice of colors and fabrics for all the projects. That pie taker is great!

Heather said...

I love that cloth book, it is gorgeous. I bet that is a very special treat for your little one. That hat is really wonderful too, and I love the colors that you chose.

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