Trixie the Mixie

My mom used to make and decorate wedding cakes when I was a kid.  She'd make the ones with all kinds of layers and columns and tiny figures and stairs and fountains.  She'd also make gorgeous flowers out of sugared frosting and she'd win cake decorating competitions with cakes covered in those flowers.  About six years ago, she went back to school to become a chef, but that was just a formality to us.  I still get teased by Tina for frequently saying, "My mom makes the best ____(fill in the blank)_____."  So, all of this is to say first, that I was spoiled by good cooking and lots of leftover frosting growing up, and second, that the sound of the KitchenAid mixer is the rhythm of home to me.

Well, this year my mom and dad and Ben (and some of our household budget) all went together to get me this for Christmas:

Her name is Trixie the Mixie and I adore her.  She is sweet and hardworking and a pleasure to have around.

And we've been busy in the kitchen.  First we made Great Grandma's bun recipe for Christmas dinner.
(my dad said that he'd seen everything once he saw me take this picture)

Then I finally got around to baking Christmas cookies on December 27th.

And then we whipped up homemade marshmallows...

...and Tina and I made the cocoa blocks to go with them.

And then Trixie and I made homemade graham crackers for...

...homemade marshmallow smore's in the fireplace as part of the early New Year's celebration.

The other night we mixed a batch of triple ginger gingersnaps, but I don't have a picture of those.

Trixie has inspired me to keep the kitchen cleaner and more organized, which is quite a feat some days.  And even though my kitchen is tiny with very little counter space, I just can't put her away.

I'm thinking of sewing us matching aprons.

Be forewarned, there may be more cooking posts in the near future.


melissa said...

hooray for trixie!!
you have been cooking up an amazing storm over there! yum - i want to get in my car and drive to beloit and eat up your food :)

i think i'm going to have to give those graham crackers a try myself, thanks for the link!

and i can.not.wait. for the matching apron post!!!

cmv said...

wow! welcome trixie (love her name)- those are the best mixers ever! i'm totally jealous...
AND i'm jealous of the fabulous creations you're making with her. yum!! those homemade graham crackers are too adorable!

Britt said...

A good mixer is a thing of beauty. I heart my Kitchenaid.

Heather said...

I love to see how much you have already used Trixie! A really good mixer can make all the cooking difference. Can't wait to see what else you bake up

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Congrats on welcoming Trixie to the family. I am so delighted by your teamwork so far. Just WOW. Thanks for sharing the pics & recipe links, they're delicious inspiration...

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