Checking in...

Henry has been sickly this week with the croup that has now turned into double ear infections and wheezing requiring nebulizer treatments.  Poor Bub.  So, that's why I've been too busy to post lately.  I will include a couple of recent photos, though.  (I have to dig through past pictures because he hasn't been too photogenic this week.)

Here he is standing up at the coffee table.  He needs help to get there, but can hold himself up to play for quite awhile.  

And here he is playing with Trixie.  She is a very patient mixer. 

And, lastly, the favorite "toys" of the moment.  My fabric tape measure and a bag of raisins.  Hours of fun for $3. 

I'm glad there is a way to keep in touch that doesn't require germ-swapping!  I hope you and your family are happy and healthy.


cmv said...

oh, poor dear! i hope he is feeling himself again in no time-- and in the meantime i see he is still busy spreading his adorableness all over the place!

melissa said...

i hope you're all feeling better soon!

i'm glad to see that henry and trixie are bonding.

Kristin said...

Poor Henry! River is recovering from double ear infections and a sinus infection.

Anonymous said...

Poor Henry, I hope he's better by now. Adorable, adorable pics.

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