corners outside my home

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The patio was put in last spring (a home renovation I never documented because I was too busy posting belly shots) to make the entry into our home more safe. Now that the weather is in the 60's, it is our favorite place to hang out and play. Henry is 9 months and still doesn't crawl yet, but those little fingers always manage to find some delicious dirt-like thing to tuck in his mouth. Now the neighbors get to hear me digging it out :)

It is worth it. The sunshine and breezes make a big difference in our days.


Lily Boot said...

Wow! Henry is one gorgeous boy! And you're right - the sun is so very nourishing. Enjoy your porch!

cmv said...

how wonderful to have such a welcoming space outside-- and the weather to enjoy it!

melissa said...

love it!
hooray for being out in the sunshine!

Gina said...

We don't have our own outdoor space :( but I'm so glad you have some... a bit of sun and dirt is therapeutic and essential for the little lads I think. We hang out in the car park outside our apartment (classy!) and frequent the many parks in the neighbourhood in most types of weather.

Heather said...

What a beautiful space you have all created. Looks like a great place to enjoy during the warm weather

Tania said...

Excellent space - and a whole lot to be said for chewing on a nice bit of dirt to keep that constitution strong!

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